These are some of the most frequently asked questions related to custom air fresheners. If you don't fine what you are looking for, please email us.

Quantity, Shape, and String Color. The more you purchase, the lower the price goes. Not all shapes are created equal. Some are easier for us to make, and are therefore less expensive. Our shapes are separated into tiers, with tier one being the lowest cost. White string is included free of charge. All other string colors carry a small additional charge. Please refer to our pricing page for more information.
Our minimum order is only fifty pieces.
Most certainly! Click here to order your samples.
New Car
Dark Ice
Pina Colada
Fresh Air
Cucumber Melon
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Paris Hilton Replica
Baby Powder
Sweet Pea
You'll receive an order confirmation email outlining the rest of the process. If you've chosen to receive order status updates, then we’ll send you an email every time your order moves to the next process in our factory.
At this time, we only accept credit cards. We hope to be able to accept e-check or 'ACH' payments later this year
In the rare event that an order did not come to you as promised, please contact our support team via email at
We are in the great state of OHIO in The United States Of America
Yes, our freshener board is 25% pre-consumer waste. Believe it or not, the recycled portion is from disposable diapers. Remember….. I said PRE-consumer waste, so no poopy here.
Shelf life is two years, if stored in a cool dry place.
Yes, they come individually wrapped in a clear plastic wrapper
We use 85pt paperboard (about the same thickness as a nickel).
Once taken completely out of the wrapper, the freshener should provide a pleasant aroma for at least 10-15 days in mild climates. Expect aroma longevity to decrease in hot climates. If only a portion of the wrapper is taken off the freshener, aroma longevity will be greatly increased.
We are unfortunately not offering custom shapes at this time. If a custom shape is required, and you're prepared to order at least 5,000 pieces, we recommend
We are unfortunately not taking orders with custom fragrance at this time. If a custom fragrance is required, and you're prepared to order at least 5,000 pieces, we recommend
Our normal production time is three weeks, however, we offer several rush options down to 24 hours. We also offer several shipping options down to 24 hours.
Our standard pricing includes printing on both sides of the Freshener: It's our "Buy 1 side, get the 2nd side free" guarantee!

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